THAT WAS FAST: CNN Hires 2020 Democrat Andrew Yang as Newest Political Commentator

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.19.20

CNN has reportedly hired failed 2020 Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang as their newest political commentator; saying the businessman “rose from obscurity to become a highly-visible candidate during the campaign.”

According to the network, “Yang’s campaign was defined by the candidate’s happy go-lucky style. Videos of him singing in a church choir, dancing to the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ and crowdsurfing at events regularly went viral, helping burnish his image as a candidate just happy to be with his fans.”

The 45-year-old quickly suspended his campaign after a poor performance at the New Hampshire Primary last Tuesday.

“While there is great work yet to be done, you know I am the math guy,” Yang told supporters in New Hampshire. “It is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race.”

Read the full report at The Hill.

GREEN NEW MEAL: Andrew Yang Says US Should Tax ‘Cow Emissions’ to Stop Americans from Eating Beef

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.20.19

Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang proposed a new tax to alter Americans’ eating habits this week; saying the government should include the cost of “cow emissions” in beef products sold across the USA.

“Cattle is very energy expensive. If you project forward, what we need to do to reduce emissions, we would want to modify America’s diets over time. What you’d want to do, is have those cattle producers to internalize the cost of emissions,” said Yang.

“What that would naturally do, and some people will hate this, is make these products more expensive. And that would be appropriate,” he added.

Original Story: September 9, 2019

A European scientist speaking at a summit in Sweden last week suggested a controversial new trend to combat climate change: consuming human flesh as an alternative to animal products.

“Stockholm School of Economics professor and researcher Magnus Soderlund reportedly said he believes eating human meat, derived from dead bodies, might be able to help save the human race if only a world society were to ‘awaken the idea,’” reports the New York Post.

“At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called Gastro Summit, in Stockholm on Sept. 3 to 4, a professor held a PowerPoint presentation asserting that we must ‘awaken the idea’ of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combating the effects of climate change,” adds the Epoch Times.

The scientist’s unusual dietary suggestion comes days after presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg likened humanity’s fight against climate change to the Second World War.

Mayor Pete was speaking during CNN’s televised town hall event when he called the fight against global warming the “hardest thing that we will have done in my lifetime.”

“We have to unify the country around this project… This is the hardest thing that we will have done in my lifetime, on par with winning World War 2, perhaps even more challenging than that,” said the Democrat.

Failing candidate Beto O’Rourke made similar statements during the event, saying West Texas will become “uninhabitable” for human beings in the near future.

“My son Henry, who’s 8-years-old, he asked me, ‘Dad, if you win and you become President, we get to live in El Paso, right?’ I said no, we’d live in Washington, DC. But he knew that our community will become uninhabitable, will not sustain human life along this current trajectory unless something changes,” O’Rourke told the audience.

FREE INCOME! California Town Tests ‘Universal Basic Income’ for Some Residents

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.04.19

A town in California is one of the first in the nation to test a pilot program for a “universal basic income” scheme; with a non-profit organization doling out $500 per month to average-income residents.

“Susie Garza has never heard of [Presidential candidate Andrew] Yang. But since February, she’s been getting $500 a month from a nonprofit in Stockton, California, as part of an experiment that offers something unusual in presidential politics: a trial run of a campaign promise, highlighting the benefits and challenges in real time,” reports the Associated Press.

“Garza can spend the money however she wants. She uses $150 of it to pay for her cellphone and another $100 or so to pay off her dog’s veterinarian bills. She spends the rest on her two grandsons now that she can afford to buy them birthday presents online and let them get the big bag of chips at the 7-Eleven,” adds the AP.

“I’ve never been able to do that. I thought it was just the coolest thing,” said Garza. “I like it because I feel more independent, like I’m in charge. I really have something that’s my own.”

“I think poverty is immoral, I think it is antiquated and I think it shouldn’t exist,” said Stockton, California’s 29-year-old Democratic mayor.

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is a vocal supporter of a “basic universal income,” arguing all Americans should receive a $1000 per month to protect average workers from the economic dangers posed by job automation and technology.

Read the full report at the Associated Press.

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