TARMAC TROUBLE: Lynch Says Bill Clinton Boarded Her Plane TO AVOID THE HEAT

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.10.18

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch opened-up about her infamous ‘Tarmac Meeting’ with President Bill Clinton Monday; saying Hillary’s husband boarded her plane simply to “say hello” and avoid the hot temperatures.

Lynch was speaking with NBC’s Lester Holt when she was asked to comment on the inappropriate meeting; holding a private conversation with the former President just days before the DOJ cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing related to her email server.

“It was still a 107 degrees outside and I was told that he wanted to come on the plane and say hello,” said the former Attorney General.

“Did a part of you go, ‘Oh, no. Turn him around?’” asked Holt.

“At first, my thought was I speak to people all the time, people in public life, people not in public life,” she fired-back.

“But his wife was under investigation by the Justice Department,” pressed the NBC reporter.

“I will say that in the course of the conversation we spoke, and it seemed that we were going to say hello and move on, and then the conversation would continue… I knew that it was going to raise questions in people’s minds,” she added.

Watch the exchange above.