TACOMA TRAGEDY: High-Speed Train DERAILS in Washington State, Casualties Reported

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.18.17

Multiple injuries and casualties were reported after a high-speed Amtrak train derailed outside of Tacoma, Washington Monday morning, smashing through guardrails and crashing onto an interstate highway below, reports Fox News.

Amtrak train 501 was carrying approximately 70 people and traveling between Seattle and Tacoma when it suddenly derailed, sending multiple train-cars onto Interstate 5 just after 7:30am.

“We are aware of an incident involving Amtrak train 501. We will update with additional details as they become available,” posted Amtrak from its official twitter account.

Chris Kaines, the chair of Pierce Transit’s advisory board, said on social media that “the train has derailed. Emergency crews are on the scene. Massive damage. People are hurt.”

The train was making its inaugural run when the incident occurred, providing high-speed access between Seattle and Portland on a daily basis.

More information as it becomes available.

Hannity: Liberals, Celebrities Rush to Politicize Las Vegas Massacre

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.19.17

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Tuesday night, Sean called-out late-night comedians and Hollywood celebrities for exploiting the tragedy that unfolded in Las Vegas to score cheap political points; saying the liberal elites were “totally out of touch.”

“Democrats, liberals in the mainstream media, celebrities, late-night comedians, all predictably rushing to politicize this tragedy, and predictably calling for more gun control,” said Sean.

“Unlike them, we have promised you on this show, we care about truth, we care about facts, we care about victims and families, and we’re not peddling conspiracy theories or rushing to judgement. We’re not trying to use this incident to score cheap political points,” he added.

“This is beyond shameful, calling for things like gun control less than 24 hours after something like this happens; while people are grieving, while victims are still in the hospital,” Hannity said. “Really? Late-night hosts, you can’t resist the urge for one night to put aside your radical left-wing policies?”

“Celebrities are completely out of touch. Shouldn’t they be focused now on the victim sand their families instead of trying to score cheap political points against the President?” he asked.

“Here’s the hypocrisy: They want to disarm all of us, all of you, the American people, prevent you from having the right to protect yourself, protect your family. How many of them live in expensive, multi-million dollar gates communities? How many of them have armed security every time they leave their house?” asked Sean.

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.

Hannity: It's Time for Americans to Come Together

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.17.17

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Friday, Sean called on all Americans to come together in the wake of last weekend’s deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas; slamming left-wing activists who are using the tragedy to score cheap political points.

“In the face of the pure evil that we saw in Las Vegas, America is learning some very valuable lessons about coming together and unifying,” said Sean. “However, despite the tragedy and despite the fact that people are still in the hospital, predictably there are people on the left: Democrats, celebrities, liberals in the mainstream media they continue to politicize this tragedy… beyond shameful.”

“Instead of dividing the country like the left is doing and has been doing all week, isn’t it time for the rest of the country to follow the example set one hour before the shooting by the people in that very crowd?” asked Hannity. “Doesn’t that start by respecting our country, our flag, our military? Those people that fought, bled, and died under that flag for this country, for our freedom to go to concerts?”

“Those that continue to divide this country, you should listen to the stories of just some of the heroes of the Vegas shooting,” he added. “One of the lessons from this week is that we forgot what happened on 911.”

“Maybe this week will teach us that we should stop rushing to judgment on big, high-profile cases like President Obama did so many times,” said Sean. “Maybe the lesson from Vegas and this tragedy will be that this country needs to come together, and it starts this Sunday at the NFL, and at stadiums all across the country.”

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.

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