SUCKERBERG! Sen. Kennedy Tells Facebook CEO His ‘User Agreement SUCKS’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.11.18

GOP Senator John Kennedy blasted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his congressional testimony this week; telling the technology titan that his “user agreement sucks” and should be re-written “in English.”

“Here’s what everybody’s been trying to tell you today. And I say this gently: Your user agreement sucks!” said Kennedy as the room erupted in laughter.

“You can spike me 75 IQ points, if I can figure it out you can figure it out,” he added. “The purpose of that user agreement is to cover Facebook’s rear-end. It’s not to inform your users about their rights. You know that, and I know that.”

“I would suggest you go back home and re-write it. Tell your $1200 an hour lawyers you want them written in English, so the average American can understand, that would be a start,” he added.

Watch Kennedy call-out Zuckerberg above or click here.