posted by Hannity Staff - 4.05.18

Students in Colorado staged a pro-Second Amendment walkout this week; showing support for firearm rights activists after weeks of gun control rallies and marches throughout the nation following the devastating shooting in Florida last month.

Students at the Woodland Park High School held a 30-minute walkout in support of America’s right to keep and bear arms, as well as honor the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting with a moment of silence.

Rockledge High School Students Stage Pro-2nd Amendment Walkout

Rockledge, Florida, High School students organized a school walkout in support of the second amendment. Students assembled outdoors at Rockledge High at around 10:40 a.m. to speak up about maintaining their constitutional rights in the wake of a school district-wide walkout to support gun control.

Posted by Space Coast Daily on Friday, March 30, 2018

“I don’t believe that guns are the problem,” said student Haley Armstead. “I think it’s more of the people and that people are trying to blame an inanimate object for something that’s not them.”

“It’s all over the news right now that all students hate guns,” said another student. “I wanted to show that not all students feel that way.”

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