Sean Hannity Radio Recap: May 9

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.09.19

4:00 PM ET – John Solomon, Executive Vice President of the Hill, is here with another piece in the left’s unraveling. As the left continues their ridiculous push to remove Barr, we have to start asking ourselves why? With the IG just about to be released, we know that those who cried the loudest for justice were those committing the most crimes.

“I don’t think today is actually about getting information,” Jordan continued. “I don’t think it’s about getting the unredacted Mueller report. I don’t think last week’s hearing was actually about having staff question the attorney general.

“I think it’s all about trying to destroy Bill Barr because Democrats are nervous he’s going to get to the bottom of everything,” Jordan said. “He’s going to find out how and why this investigation started in the first place.”

Republicans accuse Democrats of attempting to discredit Barr because he is reviewing the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation and looking into allegations that the Obama administration spied on Trump’s campaign.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said this on Tuesday:
“The special counsel’s report goes through a fair amount of detail about the prediction for its investigation,” Wray said. “Beyond that, as I mentioned to the chairman, I have had a number of conversations and am working to help the attorney general get to the bottom of an understanding of what the circumstances surrounding the initiation of that investigation were at the department and the FBI back in 2016.”

4:30 PM ET – With so many new movies coming out, it’s nice to see more fails based on faith and family. One such film is Breakthrough, released April 17, this story is based on the true life experience of teen John Smith, who fell through the ice of a Missouri lake and spent 15 minutes under the frigid waters before first responders recovered his lifeless body. His mother never left his side, and relied on prayer to bring her son back. And it worked.
Breakthrough, was #3 in the nation this weekend and holding strong against huge blockbusters bringing in $33.5 million. Joining us today is producer and author, DeVon Franklin, Joyce Smith, John’s mother, and John Smith. John was 14 when he drowned and was without a pulse for over an hour. He’s 18 now and headed to college.

5:00 PM ET – Jonathan Gilliam Former FBI Agent, Federal Air Marshall, and author of Sheep No More and Danielle McLaughlin an Attorney & Constitutional Expert who co-wrote The Federalist Society: How Conservatives took the Law Back from Liberals debate and discuss the news of the day. Yesterday we saw the democrats hate on full display. With the never-ending attacks and subpoenas, the Trump administration continues to work while the left pursues empty promises.
After telling reporters that she agrees we are in a “constitutional crisis,” Pelosi was asked “If this truly is a constitutional crisis, how can that not change your thinking of the calculus regarding impeachment?”

Pelosi reiterated what she has said repeatedly on the subject, that “we have investigations that will give us the facts and the truth,” and that the Nixon proceeding “was months of hearings and investigation before they got to a place where they had enough, they had a compelling argument that even the Republicans had to go to the president and say ‘it’s over.’”

She went on to say that “As I said yesterday, the president is almost self-impeaching because he is, every day, demonstrating more obstruction of justice and disrespect for Congress’s legitimate role to subpoena.”

“So we will, again this is very methodical, it’s very constitutional-based, it’s very law-based, it’s very factually-based,” Pelosi said. “It’s not about pressure, it’s about patriotism.”

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