Sean Hannity Radio Recap: Mar 9

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.09.20

4:05 PM ET – Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House and author of the upcoming book, and author of the upcoming fiction book with Pete Early, Shakedown, takes a walk down memory lane with Sean; remembering the media when President Reagan was under scrutiny for his overall wellbeing. The media was not so understanding, as they are of “Old Joe” now.

4:30 PM ET – Peter Schweizer, author of the NY Times Bestseller, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, has done extensive research on Joe Biden and his family. As poor Joe continues to stumble publicly, we have to remember despite what seems to be some extreme forgetfulness, he has a history of bad behavior. President Trump told Sean on his TV show last week, that Ukraine is not going away:

Well, to show you how crazy it is, it’s not a campaign issue for the Democrats. They don’t want to bring it up. They were obviously told you can’t bring that up.

So even people that are against — if you look at Joe, they’re against Joe. They don’t want to bring that up. That was off-bounds.
I watch certain reporters say that this is totally unsubstantiated, and were sorry to even ask you a question — Anderson Cooper — then he asks a question at one of the debates, and it was so mild, and a ridiculous answer is given, because there is no answer to it — of course it’s corrupt. And so, he gives a really bad answer.

And they go into the next question. Nobody says anything, the other people that are running trying to beat him don’t bring it up. That wouldn’t happen with the Republicans, I can tell you. I’m not saying good, bad, or indifferent, but that certainly wouldn’t happen with the Republicans.

5:05 PM ET – Betsy McCaughey, PhD.is a former Lt. Governor of New York and Chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, she has a lot to say about the Coronavirus and the handling of the situation by Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio in places like NY. An excerpt from her article on FoxNews.com:
As the nation gears for battle against coronavirus, our biggest enemy is false information. A lot of that is coming from the same place as the virus — China. Government officials there have deceived and equivocated about how the disease got started. China has been blaming the new virus on the sale of live exotic animals like bats at an outdoor food market in the city of Wuhan, claiming that’s where the earliest cases originated. But new research in the medical journal Lancet proves that the first victims of coronavirus had no contact with that food market, contrary to the official story. One possibility is that the virus leaked from China’s National Bio-Safety Laboratory, also in Wuhan, which handles some of the world’s most dangerous pathogens.
If the U.S. is going to develop medications and vaccines against this coronavirus — now dubbed COVID-19 — our scientists need the truth.

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