Hannity Radio Show Recap: May 10

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.10.18

4:00 PM ET – Newt Gingrich, author of the upcoming book “Trump’s America” which can be pre-ordered on Amazon, discusses the history which are watching be made by President Trump. He will discuss all the news of the day and the midterm election preview we had this week:

Under President Obama, the Democrats lost over 1,000 state and federal posts, which included congressional and state legislative seats, in addition to governorships, and of course, the presidency. That has dramatically weakened the Democratic base at the state and district levels and given Republican incumbents advantages for re-election.

This may be an amazingly volatile year.

No one knows how North Korea, Iran, or Syria will work out.

No one knows if the economy will continue to set records.

No one knows if the deep state legal assault on President Trump will end with a bang or a whimper.

Just remember this: None of the confident “experts” know either.

My sense is that Republicans will gain four to six seats in the Senate, keep control of the House, and continue to pick up governorships. This is only a guess, but one that could very much turn into a reality. (h/t Fox News Insider)

4:30 PM ET – David Schoen, Civil Liberties Attorney and Sara Carter, Fox News Contributor and Investigative Reporter, take a look at the news cycle and the ongoing investigation into President Trump, Robert Mueller, and Michael Cohen – we are looking into what is, or it not, happening with the Attorney General, the IG report, and the truth that is being controlled and suppressed from the public. Sara wrote about Comey’s discussions with Robert Mueller, prior to his testimony in June 2017 today:

A government watchdog group revealed Thursday that former FBI Director James Comey was advised by senior FBI officials to seek Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s advice prior to testifying before “any congressional committee” about President Donald Trump’s campaign and its alleged collusion with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, according to new emails obtained by Judicial Watch reveal.

Comey was also advised to seek Mueller’s counsel on the circumstances surrounding his firing by Trump before providing testimony to Congress, the Department of Justice emails obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. It is the first time evidence reveals there was coordination between the Special Counsel and Comey in the long drawn out controversial Mueller investigation.

“The emails, along with news reports, also reveal that Comey met with Mueller prior to his June 8, 2017, testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee…”

In one of the email chains dated May 19, 2017, shortly after Comey was fired by Trump, his then Chief of Staff James Rybicki sends an email chain to then FBI Deputy Director McCabe, FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich, former FBI General Counsel James A. Baker, among others and says, “Please see a DRAFT response to Director Comey (below). I will hold pending further direction….”

Former FBI Director Comey Consulted with Mueller on Russia Testimony

5:00 PM ET – Jonathan Gilliam, author of the newly released book, Sheep No More, and Danielle McLaughlin, an Attorney & Constitutional Expert who co-wrote The Federalist Society: How Conservatives took the Law Back from Liberals, debate the mainstream media’s inability to cover anything positive about President Trump. The Iran nuclear deal has been ended, 3 Americans are home from North Korean prisons, and thousands more people have jobs and are off of food stamps. What’s being reported on the fake news outlets- Stormy Daniels. While President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize because of things he promised, President Trump has been nominated for things he has done:

Moon said Monday that he believes Trump deserves the Nobel for his role in bringing about the summit. “President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. What we need is only peace,” Moon told a meeting of senior secretaries in response to the suggestion that he deserved the award, according to a South Korean official who briefed the media.

Kim also met with then-CIA director Mike Pompeo last month in advance of his upcoming meeting with Trump, which is expected to occur in the Peace House on the southern side of the demilitarized zone.

Should he receive the award, Trump would join Barack Obama — who received the award in 2009 just months into his presidency — Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter as the only American presidents to win it. (h/t National Review)

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