SERIOUSLY? Energy Sec. Says Her $40K Electric Car ‘Saves $600 a Year’ and Runs on ‘Sunshine’

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.04.21

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm spoke with the hosts of ‘The View’ this week where she bizarrely asserted that her electric car “saves her $600 a year” and is powered by “sunshine.”

“I drive a Chevy Bolt which is an electric vehicle. I don’t have to buy gasoline. The average person that gets an electric vehicle saves $600 a year because you don’t have to fill it up. I have solar panels on my house,” said Granholm. “So, I drive on sunshine!”



“That’s a fantastic technological advancement and that’s what the Department of Energy is all about, is solutions like that,” she added.


Watch the Secretary’s comments above.

ANOTHER NEW DEAL? Warren Proposes Using US MILITARY to Combat Climate Change

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.20.19

Firebrand Senator and potential 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren unveiled her latest proposal to combat climate change Monday; suggesting the use of the US military to confront global warming.

“In short, climate change is real, it is worsening by the day, and it is undermining our military readiness. And instead of meeting this threat head-on, Washington is ignoring it — and making it worse,” writes Warren in an op-ed published by Medium.

“We have the most capable military in the world. It’s also the single largest government consumer of energy, and it’s dependent on fossil fuels. The Pentagon spends about $4 billion a year to power its bases at fixed locations and consumes tens of billions of barrels of fuel per year,” she adds.

“Nibbling around the edges of the problem is no longer enough — the urgency of the moment demands more. That’s why today I am introducing my Defense Climate Resiliency and Readiness Act to harden the U.S. military against the threat posed by climate change, and to leverage its huge energy footprint as part of our climate solution,” concludes Warren.

The far-left Senator’s comments come weeks after she unveiled a series of new government programs that economists say will cost US taxpayers trillions per year.

“If we put a 2% tax on the wealthiest families in the country, we can provide universal Pre-K, universal free college, knock back student loan debt for 95% of Americans—and still have a trillion dollars leftover,” claimed Warren on social media.

According to leading economists, the Senator’s proposal to forgive student loan debt and introduce tuition-free public colleges would cost over $1.25 trillion over the next decade.

‘DARK WINTER’: Biden Says Climate Change ‘Literally Threatens the Very Existence of Our Planet’

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.29.20

Former Vice President Joe Biden doubled-down on his demands for renewed action on the global climate; saying planetary warming “literally threatens the very existence” of Earth.

“We’re gonna need to make a critical investment in our diplomacy, in our development efforts in rebuilding our alliances. To close the ranks with our partners… When we consider the most daunting threats of our time, we need American leadership,” said Biden.

“Take climate change, the United States accounts for less than 15% of global carbon emissions… Storms will continue to worsen. Climate Change will continue to threaten the … literally… the very existence of our planet,” he added.


Watch Biden’s comments above.

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