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Save 25% on This KeySmart CleanTray ToGo Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizer

posted by Violet Shepard - 12.29.20

Even if you wash your hands and try not to touch public doorknobs with your bare hands, you’d be surprised by just how many germs you’re exposed to in a day. Your phone alone is likely harboring around 25,127 bacteria per square inch, according to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan, deeming it one of the filthiest things you could put your hands on.

But before you spiral and dip your expensive smartphone into a bucket of bleach, there’s a great germ-killing solution that requires no such dangerous chemicals at all. Say hello to the KeySmart CleanTray ToGo Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizer, an innovative gadget that uses the power of UV light to zap 99.99% of dangerous germs and bacteria right off of your phone without you having to wipe or clean a thing. You can also get an additional 20% off for a limited time when you use the code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

If you’re looking for a safe way to clean your phone and other gadgets, this case is a game-changer. Simply place any standard smartphone, earbuds, watches, or even your baby’s pacifier into the box, and in a quick five minutes, your items will be safe and nearly completely free of any icky bacteria. And, thanks to its wireless design, you can take it with you anywhere, sterilizing your items on-the-go. 

Worried about having yet another gadget to charge? While the KeySmart CleanTray ToGo Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizer does, in fact, require a little juicing up every once in a while, it boasts a 5,000-hour lifespan, which is five times longer than other UVC cases out there. That’s around 75 cycles per charge. 

While the KeySmart CleanTray ToGo Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizer is incredibly easy to use, one of its most appealing benefits is the fact that it never requires any chemicals or toxins to kill germs. Because of this, the case is incredibly safe to use on all your valuables, whether it be expensive jewelry or your kids’ small toys. Plus, it’ll likely save you a fortune on germ-killing wet wipes! 

For a limited time, you can snag your very own KeySmart CleanTray ToGo Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizer for just $47.99 when you use coupon code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

KeySmart CleanTray ToGo Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizer – $47.99

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This Germ Eliminator Uses NASA Technology to Scrub the Air and Is Now Under $60

posted by Mark Myerson - 10.22.20

To protect astronauts in orbit, the International Space Station has technology that eliminates germs and bad smells inside the spacecraft. Now, the same technology is available on earth.

VentiFresh Plus is a small device that uses NASA technology to keep your home fresh and clean. It’s normally priced $84, but thanks to a special sale for Hannity viewers, you can get the device today for just $58.99.


From pet odor to a certain virus, many unwanted particles float around in the air. While air purifiers can solve the problem, most are bulky and expensive to run.

In contrast, VentiFresh Plus measures just 2.5 inches across. It traps odor and germs using a UV-C photocatalyst core, meaning there are no costly filters to buy and replace. You simply attach a power source via the supplied cable and set the device to work.

Being so small, VentiFresh Plus can be placed virtually anywhere. The supplied gel pad allows you to stick the device to any surface, and you have two modes to choose from: Turbo and Quiet. The latter is useful if you plan to use the device in a bedroom or office. 

VentiFresh Plus is effective at scrubbing away all kinds of smells, including cat litter, sweaty shoes, and food. It destroys other microbes, too, such as bacteria and viruses. 

VentiFresh hit 388% funding on Indiegogo, and it’s now available to buy. You can get it today for just $58.99, saving 29% on the full price.


VentiFresh Plus: Next Generation Germ & Odor Eliminator – $58.99

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This Robot Vacuum Makes a Great Gift and Is Now $30 Off For the Holidays

posted by Mark Myerson - 12.10.20

When someone has seen dozens of holiday seasons, it’s not always easy to find them a unique gift every single year. If you’re all out of ideas, this type of new technology might be able to help.

The highly-rated Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner keeps any home spotless, meaning fewer chores for your loved ones. It’s usually priced at $249 — but this holiday season, Hannity viewers can get the robo-cleaner for just $219.99.

Robot vacuum cleaners are filled with sensors, allowing them to navigate each room and avoid obstacles. They operate automatically, rolling around various floor surfaces to pick up dust and dirt. 

Rated at 4.7/5 stars on Amazon, the Cybovac E30 has several other neat features. This vacuum uses a unique zigzag pattern to increase cleaning efficiency by 30%, and the low-profile design means it can slide under beds and other low furniture. The E30 has powerful sensors to detect hazards, and it avoids stairs automatically, so you won’t hear it toppling down the stairs as you enjoy your afternoon nap. 

The companion smartphone app allows you to set certain areas of your home as off-limits, or schedule cleaning for certain times of day. It’s also possible to control the E30 with voice commands, thanks to the technology of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrations. 

This vacuum runs for 150 minutes at a time, before returning to its base for charging. With a range of 2,150 square feet, this little vacuum can cover most floors by itself. It’s a hassle-free way to maintain a beautiful home.

Order today for just $219.99 to get the Cybovac E30 at 11% off MSRP.


Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – $219.99

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