SARAH SMACKDOWN: Huckabee Sanders TROLLS LIBERALS on Trump Economy

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.11.18

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a swipe at liberals and the mainstream media Wednesday night, posting numerous economic success stories on social media while left-leaning users couldn’t help but hide their hatred for President Trump and his policies.

Sanders posted a series of patriotic tweets touting the President’s strong economic record and the blossoming American economy; highlighting recent polls that show two-thirds of Americans think the economy is “good or excellent,” recent economic gains for “working-class families,” and the success generated by recent GOP tax cuts.

Liberal users were quick to dismiss Sanders’ comments, either deflecting the good news or outright claiming that President Obama –not Trump- deserves credit for the gigantic economic recovery.

“This is just another lie, I know here in Florida that prices has gone up alone with electric, water, food, car insurance, House insurance, medical, Medicare, and Medicaid. So that 18.00 a pay check does not go very far! Just more BS lies from @PressSec,” wrote one user.

“America has not turned a corner. They have continued up the path set by Obama under whom the S&P500 tripled and Uunemployment halved, while inflation, interest rate and gas prices bottomed out, and car sales set record levels,” said another.

h/t Twitchy

SARAH SMACKDOWN: Huckabee Sanders SHREDS 'Apocalyptic' Nancy Pelosi

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.04.18

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called-out House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Wednesday night; ripping the former Speaker of the House over her predictions of “Armageddon” regarding the GOP-sponsored tax cuts.

Sanders called-out Pelosi on social media, saying “despite Nancy Pelosi’s warning” to the American people, the “Trump economy is booming.” The Press Secretary went on to quote a sentence from a recent article outlining the President’s accomplishments one year into his first term. “It turns out the businessman knows more about how the economy really works than the chattering class,” she added.

“Despite Nancy Pelosi’s warning of ‘Armageddon’ the Trump economy is booming. ‘It turns out the businessman knows more about how the economy really works than the chattering class,’” she tweeted.

Pelosi’s “end of the world” prediction game just days before the House and Senate passed the largest tax cuts in a generation; unleashing American businesses and individuals from an outdated and overly complicated tax structure.

“It is the end of the world,” Pelosi warned. “The debate on health care is life and death. This is Armageddon.”

SARAH SMACKDOWN: Huckabee Sanders SHUTS DOWN CNN's Jim Acosta

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.22.17

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had little patience for CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Thursday, shutting down the left-leaning journalist after he asked her if she believed GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore “is a creep.”

Sanders was fielding questions from reporters during Thursday’s daily press briefing when Acosta pressed the Secretary over the White House’s opinion of embattled Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore.

“On Roy Moore… Would the President campaign with Roy Moore?” asked Acosta

“Not that I’m aware of,” said Sanders.

“Can I ask you a follow up? Do you think he’s a creep?” he asked.

“Do I? Look, I don’t know Roy Moore. I haven’t met him in person so I won’t be able to respond to that,” she fired-back. “As I’ve said about seven or eight times now, the President believes this is a decision for the people of Alabama to make.”

Watch the back-and-forth exchange above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon

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