SARAH SMACKDOWN: Huckabee Sanders ROASTS Sen. Jeff Flake on LIVE TV

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.07.18

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t hold back when asked to comment on Sen. Jeff Flake’s anti-Trump tirade on the Senate floor, telling reporters she simply “doesn’t care” what the outgoing GOP congressman has to say.

“Senator Flake said something on the Senate floor and I want to give you a chance to respond,” asked one reporter during the daily briefing. “He said, ‘Treason is not a punchline.’ Can you say for the sake of the future that you agree with Sen. Flake on that? That ‘treasonous’ is not a punchline?”

“Honestly, I’m not going to respond to Sen. Flake’s comments. I don’t really care what Sen. Flake has to say. I don’t think his constituents do either; his numbers are in the tank. The President was clearly joking with his comments,” fired back Sanders.

“What isn’t a joke is that the Democrats refuse to celebrate the accomplishments of last year that has helped all Americans. What this country doesn’t understand is why Democrats are so upset about lower taxes and higher wages,” she added.

Watch Sarah’s smackdown above.