SANCTUARY SHOWDOWN: ICE Boss Says ‘MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE’ Thanks to California Lawmakers

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.08.18

The acting Director of ICE unloaded on California’s liberal politicians Thursday morning, saying state officials are openly encouraging illegal immigrants to enter the United States and warning that “more people are going to die” due to reckless ‘Sanctuary City’ statutes.

Tom Homan was speaking with Fox News when he slammed California Democrats for “dangling that carrot” to undocumented workers; adding the state’s ‘Sanctuary City’ policies embolden illegal immigrants to try and cross the border into the United States.

“When you call yourself a ‘Sanctuary City’ you’re dangling that carrot which is going to cause more illegal immigration. You’re going to see more illegal immigration in the state of California,” said Homan.

“It’s more than just an enforcement issue. More people are going to die trying to come into this country because they think they can get into a state or a city where they think they’re going to be shielded from immigration authorities. It’s wrong on so many levels,” he added.

SANCTUARY SHOWDOWN: DOJ Threatens 23 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Who Oppose White House

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.24.18

The Department of Justice sent a scathing letter to 23 municipalities and cities this week, demanding answers over how the “sanctuary cities” were planning to comply with federal guidelines and regulations regarding illegal immigrants; adding that failure to comply will be met with fines and further legal action.

The warning, sent to the heads of the nation’s worst offending cities such as NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, demanded documentation showing how those local governments were complying with President Trump’s strict policies towards illegal immigration and undocumented workers.

The letter requests, “All documents reflecting any orders, directives, instructions, or guidance to your law enforcement employees (including, but not limited to, police officers, correctional officers, and contract employees), whether formal or informal, that were distributed, produced, and/or in effect during the relevant timeframe.”

“Regarding whether and how these employees may, or may not, communicate with the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and/or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or their agents, whether directly or indirectly,” the statement adds.

Any local governments who refuse to hand over the information within the next month face federal subpoenas, legally forcing the offending cities to submit the documentation to the Department of Justice.


posted by Hannity Staff - 3.01.18

Major California municipalities continue to struggle under the state’s ‘Sanctuary City’ laws and decades of failed liberal policies; with the nation’s second largest metropolis scrambling to cope with a homeless population of nearly 60,000 people.

The Los Angeles Times published an explosive article Thursday morning, titled “How can a city with 58,000 homeless people continue to function?” The piece raises serious questions over the future of their city and law enforcement’s total inability to cope with the rising crime, drug use, and illegal immigration.

Homelessness in Los Angeles has risen nearly 50% since 2013 and has sparked public safety concerns throughout the state, with officials declaring a “state of emergency” following a Hepatitis outbreak in 2017.

“There’s an unavoidable, often unspoken, fear that the city around us may be in a state of irreversible decline, and a suspicion on the part of some that the rights of homeless people have trumped the rights of everyone else,” writes the Times.

The article comes on the heels of nearby Orange County’s decision to remove a two-mile stretch of tent city earlier this month, citing public safety concerns and refusing to follow the rest of the state into all-out chaos.

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