RYAN RETIRES: Paul Ryan WILL NOT Seek Re-election in 2018

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.11.18

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will not run for re-election in 2018 multiple sources have told Fox News; stunning Washington and kick-starting a party-wide power struggle over who will replace the outgoing GOP leader.

According to inside sources -first reported in Axios– Rep. Ryan reportedly feels the recently passed GOP tax cuts were the culmination of his Speakership and is planning a transition into private life over the next year.

The Speaker also came under fire weeks ago from President Trump and fellow Republicans over his $1.3 trillion omnibus spending package.

Paul Ryan was catapulted into the national spotlight when he ran alongside GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 race for the White House. He has served as Speaker of the House of Representatives since 2015.

The Speaker’s decision places even greater importance on the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, with both Democrats and Republicans vying to control the House and Senate.

Rep. Ryan is expected to announce his decision to leave Congress as early as Wednesday.