North Korea

RICE’S RANT: Top Obama Aide Unsure if Trump Has ‘PRESENCE OF MIND’ For Korea Talks

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.10.18

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice is unsure of President Trump has the “presence of mind” to navigate “high-risk” talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un; saying the Commander-in-Chief should follow prior protocol and assemble a team of career diplomats.

The senior Obama staffer was speaking with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell when she was asked if Trump’s “outsized personality” will have an impact on the upcoming summit between the President and Kim; adding its “unclear if the US has a strategy.”

“I think it’s very risky. It risks the President’s credibility, the credibility of the United States, and worse-still, I think it increases the risk of conflict,” said Rice.

“I think it’s high risk, but I think there are steps we can take if the President is serious…He may not have the temperament to do that,” she added. “I think this is high risk if it’s executed in a typical ‘Trumpian’ fashion. If, however, the President has the presence of mind… to allow this to be done responsibly then I think it’s worth attempting.

Watch Rice’s comments above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon