REPORT: McCabe Briefed GOP Leaders on Anti-Trump Probe in 2017, Says ‘No One’ Objected

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.19.19

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe claimed Tuesday that he briefed Republican congressional leadership -including then Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell- on his probe into the Trump administration; adding “no one” objected at the time.

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe said in a television interview Tuesday that he briefed congressional leadership in 2017 about the bureau’s counterintelligence investigation into President Trump,” writes Fox News.

“The purpose of the briefing was to let our congressional leadership know exactly what we had been doing,” McCabe claimed.

“I told Congress what we had done…no one objected. Not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds and not based on the facts,” he added.

The President slammed McCabe’s revelations just days ago; accusing the former FBI boss and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of hatching an “illegal and treasonous” plot to remove him from office.

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