REPORT: Immigration Courts on 'Brink of Collapse,' Cases up 300%, System Facing ‘Existential Crisis’

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.21.19

A new report released by the American Bar Association this week warned Americans of an “existential crisis” facing the US immigration system; confirming the current influx of migrants from Central America has put the courts on the “brink of collapse.”

“Crucially, the number of cases pending before the immigration courts (which were about 262,000 cases at the time of the 2010 Report) has increased to unprecedented levels. There were more than 760,000 pending cases at the end of FY 2018 and an additional 330,000 cases that could be returned to active dockets in short order,” writes the report.

“Today the immigration courts are facing an existential crisis. In light of the fundamentally changed nature of the threat to the immigration court system, the overall conclusion … is that the current system is irredeemably dysfunctional and on the brink of collapse,” adds the Bar Association.

The report comes weeks after President Trump declared a “national emergency” along the US-Mexico border; effectively bypassing Congress to secure funding for his long-promised border wall.

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