REPORT: Ilhan Omar Traveled to Latin America with Anti-US, Pro-Venezuela Group in 2017

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.21.19

Recently sworn-in Rep. Ilhan Omar found herself in more hot-water Thursday after revelations she traveled to Latin America with a group that supports Cuba and Venezuelan-style socialism; raising more questions over her suitability to serve on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Rep. Ilhan Omar has attended a travel delegation to a South American country sponsored by a radical anti-American and anti-Israel organization that supports countries opposed to the U.S. and calls for the return of Guantanamo Naval Base to Cuba,” reports Fox News.

“Now it was revealed that she once traveled to Honduras with an organization called Witness for Peace, a group formed during the Reagan administration that opposed America’s actions in South America aimed at stopping the spread of communism,” adds the article.

Omar confirmed the trip on social media in November 2017, writing “After traveling to Honduras as part of the Witness for Peace delegation, I’ve returned home with a heavy heart and deep concern for the electoral process and human rights crisis the people of Honduras are enduring.”

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