REPORT: FBI’s McCabe Discussed TRUMP DOSSIER with CNN Before Leak

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.22.18

According to recently reviewed emails between former officials inside the FBI, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was “aware” that CNN had obtained a copy of the infamous Trump dossier days before it was publicly known.

The Federalist is reporting that the emails -obtained by GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin- confirm that McCabe had an “internal understanding” of the news network’s handling of the unverified and Clinton-financed dossier, going so far as to use “coded language” to refer to the document.

“Two days after the briefing, on January 8, 2017, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who earlier this year was fired and then referred for criminal prosecution by the DOJ inspector general for repeatedly lying about media leaks, wrote an e-mail to top FBI officials with the subject, ‘Flood is coming,’” writes the Federalist.

“CNN is close to going forward with the sensitive story,” McCabe wrote to Comey, Rybicki, and two others. “The trigger for them is they know the material was discussed in the brief and presented in an attachment.”

Read the full report at The Federalist.