PUTIN'S PENALTY: Six Nations Plan ‘STATE BOYCOTT’ of Russia's 2018 World Cup

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.27.18

At least six countries are planning a “state boycott” of Russia’s upcoming 2018 World Cup after a botched nerve agent attack on British soil; announcing all government officials will stay home while their nation’s athletes compete in the international soccer competition.

According to the UK’s Sun Newspaper, delegations from the United Kingdom, Poland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Japan announced their intentions to sideline government officials throughout the event.

“The communal snubs come after Theresa May’s announcement last week that Prince William and all her government ministers will refuse to play any part in the competition,” writes the Sun.

“Among the measures taken by Iceland is the temporary postponement of all high-level bilateral dialogue with Russian authorities. Consequently, Icelandic leaders will not attend the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer,” said a statement from the Icelandic Foreign Ministry.

The international “snub” comes days after the US and European allies accused the Kremlin of using a deadly nerve agent against a former spy inside the UK; the first use of a chemical weapon on European soil since the end of World War II.