POMPEO: Trump Plans to Bring 'EVERY AMERICAN' Prisoner Home

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.14.18

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned world leaders Sunday that the Trump administration has every intention of bringing “All Americans held anywhere in the world” back to the United States.

The nations’ top diplomat was speaking with CBS News’ Face the Nation when he was asked to comment on other Americans held captive abroad after bringing home three prisoners detained by North Korea.

“You brought those three Americans home from North Korea. There are still at least four Americans being held in Iran… What can you tell them?” asked host Margaret Brennan.

“First, everyone should know that this administration is intent on bringing home every American who is held anywhere in the world,” Pompeo fired back. “We’re working diligently to get each of them back.”

“With respect to whether the actions of this past week, with respect to the JCPOA increased anyone’s risk, I think that’s ludicrous,” Pompeo added. “The Iranian bad behavior increased, it only increased, during the time of the JCPOA.”

Watch the Secretary of State’s comments above.