WATCH: Israeli Forces THWART Terrorist Bomb Plot at Border

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.14.18

The Israeli Defense Forces released stunning new footage Monday, showing their soldiers thwarting an active terror plot to bomb a heavily fortified fence at the Gaza-Israel border.

The shocking video depicts an armored Israeli military vehicle dashing towards Hamas-backed Palestinian protesters as they attempt to blow up the border crossing; ultimately firing on the would-be attackers and forcing them to retreat.

The armed clashes between demonstrators and Israeli forces come as the US embassy officially opened its new location in the heart of Jerusalem; sparking fierce protests by approximately 35,000 activists in Gaza.

“We’re expecting the great march on the 14th and 15th of this month – the entire Palestinian people will be out on the streets of Palestine,” said a Hamas organizer. “Our people will flock from the refugee camps in Lebanon to the northern border of Palestine, and our people in Jordan will also flock to the outskirts of Palestine.”

Watch the IDF thwart the terror plot above.

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