POMPEO: Adam Schiff ‘Ought to be Embarrassed by the Kangaroo Court He’s Running’

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.21.19

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed Congressman Adam Schiff’s latest impeachment push over the weekend; saying the leading Democrat should be “embarrassed” by his “Kangaroo Court.”

“My view is that each of us has a solemn responsibility to defend the Constitution… I only wish that this was a process that merited such a response. We have officers going up there to testify about security-related matters without State Department lawyers in the room,” Pompeo told ABC News.

“Adam Schiff ought to be embarrassed by the Kangaroo Court that he’s running,” he added.

All nine Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee sent an official letter to Chair Adam Schiff Friday; slamming his “highly irregular” impeachment investigation.

“The highly irregular manner in which you are conducting your so-called ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ gravely concerns us, as does the fact that you have decreed this matter to be under HPSCI’s jurisdiction despite it lacking any clear intelligence component,” states the letter.

HPSCI refers to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

“Further, given that you have recently acknowledged that the Committee no longer needs to receive testimony from the whistleblower, your “impeachment inquiry” lacks any relationship with the jurisdiction of this Committee,” adds the statement.

“We expect you to rectify these concerns and begin planning intelligence-related committee events starting next week,” it concludes.
The letter was signed by Representatives Nunes, Conaway, Turner, Wenstrup, Stewart, Crawford, Stefanik, Hurd, and Ratcliffe.