ON THE BRINK: Taliban Overruns Two-Thirds of Afghanistan, US Embassy Evacuated

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.15.21

From Fox News:

Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan on Friday seized Kandahar and Herat—the country’s second and third largest cities, hours after Fox News confirmed that the U.S. military will help evacuate Americans from the embassy in Kabul.

The insurgents have taken more than a dozen provincial capitals in recent days and now control more than two-thirds of the country just weeks before the U.S. plans to withdraw its last troops.

The New York Times reported that just three major cities in the country are still under the government’s control and Taliban fighters are “well-positioned to attack Kabul.” The paper also pointed out that the capture of Kandahar is a symbolic victory for the Taliban because it is where the insurgency started back in the 1990s.

Thousands of Afghans have fled their homes amid fears the Taliban will again impose a brutal, repressive government, all but eliminating women’s rights and conducting public executions.

The plans to evacuate the Americans were briefed to President Biden earlier Thursday in order to get his approval, one official added. The military will evacuate “thousands” of American citizens and Afghan interpreters from Kabul. 

“Things are moving,” one official said.

The Taliban’s advance has attracted the attention of the United Kingdom.

Ben Wallace, the U.K. defense minister, said in an interview Friday that his forces could make a return to Afghanistan if there is a resurgence of Al Qaeda and the country becomes a hotbed for terrorism that threatens the West, a report said. 

“I’m going to leave every option open. If the Taliban have a message from last time, you start hosting Al Qaeda, you start attacking the West, or countries like that, we could come back.”

Read the full report here.

BERGDAHL BLASTS USA: Army Deserter Says America WORSE Than Taliban

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.03.17

Bowe Berghdahl, the army deserter who simply walked away from his outpost in Afghanistan before being captured by Islamic fighters, told reporters over the weekend that his Taliban captors treated him better than his American jailers, reports the New York Post.

The former Sergeant was speaking with a British television station when he made the outlandish remarks, saying the Taliban were more “honest” than those now prosecuting the deserter.

“At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, ‘I’m the guy who’s going to cut your throat,'” said Berghdahl. “Here, it could be the guy I pass in the corridor who’s going to sign the paper that sends me away for life.”

“We may as well go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs,” he added.

Bowe Bergdahl was rescued in a controversial prisoner-swap authorized by President Barack Obama in 2014. At the time of his release, questions swirled over the circumstances behind his abduction and whether he intentionally walked away from his military post while on active duty.

The former Army Sergeant plead guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy earlier this month. Bergdahl will face a possible life sentence when he appears before a military judge in October.

JOE SNAPS: Biden Lashes-Out at Reporter When Asked if He ‘Trusts the Taliban’

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.09.21

President Joe Biden lashed-out at one reporter during his press briefing on Afghanistan Friday; asking if he was “serious” when pressed over his “trust” level in dealing with Taliban negotiators.

“Do you trust the Taliban?” asked the journalist.

“Is that a serious question?” fired-back Biden.

“Absolutely it’s a serious question. Do you trust the Taliban?” pressed the reporter.

“No, I do not,” stated the President. “No, I do not! It’s a silly question!”


Watch Biden’s comments above.

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