‘OCCUPY EVERYTHING’: Socialist Superstar Calls on Supporters to SHUT DOWN AIRPORTS

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.18.18

New York Democratic socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to ruffle the feathers of her more centrist colleagues this week; calling on her supporters to “occupy airports” over the President’s immigration policies.

According to Newsweek, Cortez was speaking with liberal activist organization Democracy Now Monday when she urged the mass protests, saying “there is no convenient time” to stand up to ICE agents.

“I may have had a primary three days after I went down there, but we’re not going to win if we don’t stand for everything,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We have to show people that we’re willing to walk the walk and put our money where our mouth is.”

“We have to occupy all of it,” she said. “We need to occupy every airport. We need to occupy every border. We need to occupy every ICE office until those kids are back with their parents, period,” she added.

Cortez’ comments come just days after she slammed American-style capitalism as the “wild west,” saying the current financial system “won’t always exist.”

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