NY POST RESPONDS: Newspaper Says Facebook’s Decision to Block BLM Story is ‘Laughable’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.17.21

The New York Post responded Friday after social media giant Facebook prevented users from sharing a story regarding the co-founder of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ labeling their decision “arbitrary and laughable.”

“This decision is so arbitrary as to be laughable. Does Facebook know how many newspapers, magazine and websites highlight the real estate purchases of the rich and famous? The next time People magazine covers Kim Kardashian’s latest mansion purchase, will it violate any community standards? How about running a picture of the resort Ted Cruz is staying at?” writes the Post Editorial Board.

“No, this rule has not been and will not be applied in any fair manner. It again highlights just how much power these social media companies have over our lives, and our nation. They monopolized the market and became the main aggregators of news,” adds the paper.

“While failing abysmally for years to stop the torrent of truly harmful pedophilic, violent, personally abusive, terroristic, wildly inaccurate and hateful content that spews onto their platforms daily, they’ll step in to censor and cover for Joe Biden. They’ll cover for China. And now they’ll cover for Black Lives Matter,” concludes the Board.

Read the full article at the New York Post.

PURGE GROWS: Facebook Blocking Users from Sharing Story About BLM Founder’s Luxury Homes

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.19.21

Users fumed on social media Friday after Facebook apparently blocked people from sharing a recent story from the New York Post revealing the ‘Marxist’ founder of ‘Black Lives Matter’ owns multiple, luxury real estate properties.

“Facebook is preventing users from sharing a New York Post story about how a co-founder of Black Lives Matter spent millions of dollars to buy several homes,” reports The Hill.

“Your content couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards,” responded Facebook as people tried to share the story.

“Facebook is now blocking the New York Post, reporting,” Tucker Carlson said. “We just tried to share that on Facebook, and we got a message, ‘You can’t share this link because it goes against our community standards.’ Those standards include flacking for every left-wing activist group in America.”

Read the full report at The Hill.


LARA TRUMP: Facebook’s Push to Purge the President Something You’d Find in Communist Countries

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.02.21

Lara Trump weighed-in Thursday after Facebook permanently deleted an interview she conducted with Donald Trump because it featured his “voice,” saying the ban is something you would typically find in Communist countries.

“How did we get to this place where the former president of the United States can’t be seen on your account?” “Fox & Friends’” Brian Kilmeade asked.

“This is not the country we want to live in, this happens in communist countries,” said Lara Trump.

“But I think the message is they want to erase Donald Trump. They want you to forget he existed. They don’t want you to see him, they don’t want you to hear from him, look away, move on, shut up and go on about your lives, forget Donald Trump existed. This is really scary stuff,” she added.

Watch the video here.

Original Story: March 31, 2021

Facebook scrubbed a recent interview between Lara Trump and former President Donald Trump this week; claiming the chat “violated” rules and regulations after the ex-Commander-in-Chief was banned from the platform last January.

“The voice of President Trump is not currently allowed on our platforms (including new posts with President Trump speaking),” wrote the social network. “[Content] will be removed if posted, resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it.”

“This guidance applies to all campaign accounts and Pages, including Team Trump, other campaign messaging vehicles on our platforms, and former surrogates,” the email, posted on Instagram by Trump’s son, Eric Trump, stated.

“We are reaching out to let you know that we removed content from Lara Trump’s Facebook Page that featured President Trump speaking,” the Facebook employee wrote. “In line with the block we placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts.”

Read the full report at Fox News. 

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