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NUNES ON HANNITY: ‘I Have Never in My Life Seen Anything’ Like Schiff’s Impeachment Inquiry

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.30.19

Congressman Devin Nunes stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Tuesday night to weigh-in on Rep. Adam Schiff’s ongoing impeachment inquiry; saying he’s “never seen anything like what’s happening” in these closed-door sessions.

“You’ve read this resolution. Is this resolution what Newt Gingrich offered Bill Clinton in 1998?” asked Hannity.

“Where is Jerrold Nadler? Nobody’s seen him for two and a half months. Clearly, Schiff and the Intelligence Committee Democrats have completely obliterated the Intelligence Committee, it’s now known as the Impeachment Committee,” said Nunes.

“I have never in my life seen anything like what’s happening. To interrupt us continually to coach the witness, to decide what we can ask the witness, I’ve never, ever had that,” he added.

Watch Devin Nunes on ‘Hannity’ above.