NOT FUNNY: Senior Obama Aide JOKES About MURDER of GOP Leadership

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.21.17

A senior Obama aide came under fire from both sides of the political aisle on Thursday, following a cruel “joke” on social media where he sarcastically hoped for the deaths of President Trump, Vice President Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan.

Obama’s advisor Ben Rhodes posted the insensitive remark shortly after the Republican leadership posed for a photograph in the Oval Office following the passage of the GOP-sponsored tax cuts.

Dan Pfeiffer, another top Obama aide commented on the photo, writing “I hope this is the photo they use on the front page of the Times on the day Trump is indicted.”

Rhodes commented back, posting “And alongside the obits for Ryan, McConnell, and Pence.”

Users on twitter were quick to call-out the disgusting comments, with one person saying, “Hoping people die? Tolerant progressive liberal I see.”

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise –critically injured during an assassination attempt at a Republican baseball game- weighed-in on the incendiary language, saying Rhodes “may want to reconsider” his choice of words.