MEMO MAYHEM: The President UNLOADS on ‘SHADY’ James Comey

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.20.18

President Trump fired-back at disgraced former FBI director James Comey Friday; blasting the “shady” bureau boss for multiple “leaks” and labeling his recent tell-all memoir a “third rate book.”

The Commander-in-Chief vented his frustration with the former Director on social media just hours after the so-called ‘Comey Memos’ were released to members of Congress; adding “James Comey Memos just out and show clearly that there was no collusion.”

“James Comey Memos just out and show clearly that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION. Also, he leaked classified information. WOW! Will the Witch Hunt continue?” asked the President. “So General Michael Flynn’s life can be totally destroyed while Shadey James Comey can Leak and Lie and make lots of money from a third rate book (that should never have been written). Is that really the way life in America is supposed to work? I don’t think so!”

DAY OF RECKONING: Congress to Receive Secret 'COMEY MEMOS' Within Hours

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.19.18

Officials at the Department of Justice are poised to transmit the so-called “Comey memos” to Congressional leaders Thursday; allowing lawmakers to see the sensitive documents for the first time since learning of their existence.

According to the Washington Examiner, federal authorities are set to release the material to the House Oversight Committee and the House Intelligence Committee after the panels sent a scathing letter to the DOJ saying there was no “legal basis” to withhold the information.

James Comey made national headlines last year when he testified before Congress over his recent removal by President Trump; telling lawmakers he drafted secret memos following private meetings with the Commander-in-Chief.

“Copies of any unclassified memos should be produced to all three Committees in unredacted form. Copies of any memos containing classified information should be produced to all three Committees in both (1) unredacted form, in an appropriately secure setting; and (2) declassified form, with appropriate redactions,” said the original letter.

Read the full story here.

COMEY'S ADMISSION: Comey Claims OBAMA ‘Jeopardized’ Hillary Investigation

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.16.18

Former FBI director James Comey raised new questions over Hillary Clinton’s botched email investigation Sunday night; claiming former President Barack Obama “jeopardized” the FBI’s probe during the 2016 election.

Comey was speaking with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos over the weekend when he slammed his former boss for publicly commenting on Clinton’s investigation; adding the President’s comments “really did surprise” him.

“We had the problem that President Obama had twice publicly basically said, ‘There’s no there, there.’ In an interview with—on Fox, an interview on ’60 Minutes,’ I think. Both times he said that. So that’s his Justice Department,” Comey said.

“He’s a very smart man and a lawyer. And so it surprised me. He shouldn’t have done it. It was inappropriate,” he added. “It really did surprise me.”

According to excerpts from his new memoir obtained by the Washington Examiner, Comey slams Obama for “jeopardizing” the Department of Justice.

“Contributing to this problem, regrettably, was President Obama. He had jeopardized the Department of Justice’s credibility in the investigation.”

Read the full story at Fox News.

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