MEDIA MELTDOWN: Daily News Mocks IVANKA as ‘Daddy’s Little GHOUL’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.15.18

The New York Daily News took its all-out war with the Trump administration to a stunning new low Tuesday, slamming First Daughter Ivanka Trump as a “ghoul” during her international visit to the Middle East.

The left-leaning paper viciously attacked the President’s daughter hours after she officially dedicated the new US embassy in Jerusalem; accusing her of being “all smiles” at the opening ceremony while Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian protesters just miles away.

The Daily News posted the cover of the newspaper on social media, simply labeling the First Daughter “deplorable.”

Users on social media slammed the headline within minutes, with users calling the article “disgusting” and saying, “I believe in the First [Amendment] but this crosses the line.”

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