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Master the Stock Market as a Day Trader With This Comprehensive Course Bundle

posted by Mark Myerson - 3.05.21

If January’s GameStop and Bitcoin investment frenzies have proven anything, it’s that everyday people have the power to invest in—and change—the stock market. 

While millions of Americans have that capability, few are using it to their full potential. Savvy investors who know exactly what they’re doing can make millions—and with The Premium Novice-to-Expert Day Trading & Technical Analysis Bundle, you could be one of them. 

Featuring 16 hours of proven, profitable day-trading strategies, this course bundle is the key to becoming a stock market master. Ten distinct courses break down topics like day trading, swing trading, candlestick trading and technical analysis. 

These courses offer proven methods to make sound investments immediately: by utilizing candlestick trading, your trading methods will become 80 percent more profitable and effective. Technical analysis will allow you to predict market trends, informing your decisions and allowing you to spot future profits a mile away. 

“I’ve been learning all about day trading and the stock market for the past few months, and this course was one of the best of the online courses I’ve found,” writes user Don W. “A small price to pay for some very good knowledge about the market, stock analysis and the dynamics of trading. It won’t make you a financial adviser, but it will give you better insight into what your money is doing on the market.”

The stock market may seem daunting, but this year has already proven how accessible and profitable it can be for anyone who’s interested. Equipped with the proper knowledge and tools, anyone can enter the market and turn a profit. For just $49.99, The Premium Novice-to-Expert Day Trading & Technical Analysis Bundle is the best way to go from beginner to winner in a matter of weeks. 


The Premium Novice-to-Expert Day Trading & Technical Analysis Bundle – $49.99

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Start Your Six-Figure Career in Project Management With This $46 Training Bundle

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.24.20

From Amazon to Zippo, every top company employs project managers to keep things running smoothly. This highly-paid role is open to anyone, and the skills can be transferred to any industry.

The Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle helps you break into this lucrative career, with 120 hours of training. The courses are worth $2,699 in total, but Hannity viewers can pick up the training today for just $45.99.

You might think that being a project manager is about experience and charisma. But in reality, recruiters are looking for people with knowledge and the certifications to prove it.

You can think of this bundle as your ticket to a six-figure career. With 11 separate courses working towards top exams, the training covers everything you need to know.

Through engaging video lessons, you learn about the most popular systems for project management. This includes Six Sigma, Scrum, and Agile. Along the way, you discover how to plan projects, control costs, motivate your team, and manage risk.

The training also helps you earn PMP and CISSP certifications. The former is considered the gold standard for project management; the latter is essential if you plan to work in tech.

These courses are delivered by experienced project managers and coaches, and you get unlimited access to the content, so it’s easy to go at your own pace.

Order now for $45.99 to get all 120 hours of training and save over $2,600 on the full price.


The Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle – $45.99

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Want to Get Into Project Management? Learn From 22 Courses for Just $46 Today

posted by Mark Myerson - 1.08.21

To earn more in most industries, you have to take on a senior role. That means managing staff, or at least overseeing processes.

The Premium 2021 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle helps you climb the career ladder, with courses working toward top certifications to help you land that promotion and start making the big bucks

The content is worth over $4,000 in total — but in a special deal for Hannity viewers, you can get it today for only $45.99

The great thing about project management skills is that they are completely transferrable. Once you know how to lead people, you can apply the same knowledge to any industry.

This bundle helps you master all of the most popular management frameworks and fill your résumé with impressive certifications. It includes over 2,000 video lessons, taking you from beginner to expert.

Along the way, you will learn about Six Sigma, Agile, and Lean. You’ll also get full training for PMP and CISA exams, which are particularly useful in the worlds of IT and technology.

Just as importantly, these courses provide a lot of real-world knowledge. Several courses look specifically at Jira, the software of choice for many project managers. Likewise, this training covers leadership, compliance, risk and time management, tips for enhancing productivity, and much more.

Among your instructors is Paul Ashun, a certified Scrum master and leading consultant. All of the courses have great reviews, and the bundle includes lifetime access.

The full line-up is worth $4,400 put together, but you can pick up the bundle today for only $45.99.


The Premium 2021 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle – $45.99

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Prices subject to change. 

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