MAGA KENTUCKY: ‘Thousands’ Wait for Hours to See President Trump LIVE in Lexington

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.04.19

Thousands of Trump supporters waited for hours -some for days- to see the President’s ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Lexington, Kentucky Monday evening; with some showing up as early as Friday morning to secure a seat.

“Republicans are hoping that Trump’s visit and the impeachment battle being waged in Washington D.C. provide motivation for the Republican base to vote Tuesday for a governor who has alienated many Kentuckians over the course of his first term in office,” writes Kentucky.com.

Crowds wait for the President’s arrival in Kentucky.


Crowds wait for the President’s arrival in Kentucky.

Trisha Hope -author of ‘Just the Tweets’- posted images of the packed arena roughly 3 HOURS before the event is scheduled to start.

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