MADURO HANGS ON: Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaido Says Uprising ‘Failed’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.07.19

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro remained in power this week after opposition leader Juan Guaido’s attempted overthrow “failed to follow through,” with experts saying the botched uprising could leave the socialist ruler in power for years.

Guaido -recognized as Venezuela’s interim President by more than 50 countries- blamed the “failure” on senior military officials’ decision to support Maduro’s regime as tens of thousands protested across Caracas.

“There have been discussions… with civil and military officials who are ready to take the side of our constitution,” he added. “I’m very optimistic given that we are very close to achieving change in Venezuela.”

Maduro publicly blamed the uprising on the United States, saying the so-called “coup” was directed from the “Gringo Empire” based in Washington, DC.

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