MADDOW’S MARCH: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Promotes Street Protests Over Sessions Firing

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.08.18

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is organizing a series of street protests scheduled for Thursday in opposition to the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions; saying this is a “break glass in case of emergency” moment to protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

Maddow posted her call-to-action on social media Wednesday just hours after Sessions officially resigned from his post inside the Trump administration, saying “It’s happening. This is the ‘Break Glass in Case of Emergency’ plan to protect the Mueller investigation. 5pm (local time) protests tomorrow/Thursday Nov 8. We knew this would happen at some point — the day has arrived.”

Attorney General Sessions stepped-down from his position less than one day after voters went to the polls for the 2018 midterm elections; thanking the President for the “opportunity” to help advance his agenda.