LORD ON HANNITY: CNN’s Botched Spy Story Only ‘Energizes Donald Trump’s Base’

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.11.19

Jeffrey Lord stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Tuesday night to weigh-in on the CIA’s official response to CNN’s recent report regarding a spy’s extraction from Russia; saying the story does nothing but “energize Trump’s base.”

“Jeff, you worked at one of those fake news networks. You were the target of the conversation all night,” said Hannity.

“I truly don’t understand this. They’re completely gone from where they were when I was there. This is so mind boggling. Not only did they get it wrong, but they’re endangering the life of this poor soul for doing what he did,” said Lord.

“People are furious at this kind of reporting. This energizes them, they are helping Donald Trump. The more they do this the more energized Donald Trump’s base becomes,” he added.

Watch Jeffrey Lord on ‘Hannity’ above.