posted by Hannity Staff - 4.10.18

California Refuses to Cooperate with Trump’s Crackdown on Illegal Immigration, Send Troops to Border

As members of the National Guard begin arriving at the US-Mexico border in Texas and Arizona, the liberal state of California has so-far refused to cooperate with President Trump’s decision to deploy the military to crackdown on illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

Governor Jerry Brown continues to dodge questions on whether his administration will cooperate with the revised federal guidelines; continuing months of an escalating showdown over his state’s ‘Sanctuary’ policies that limit cooperation with national immigration agents.

A spokesperson for Governor Brown said he was actively “reviewing” the President’s request for members of the California National Guard.

Under current law, the President’s “request” for troops allows the federal government to pay the costs associated with the deployment but still puts the National Guard under complete control of state governors.

Defense Secretary Mattis has approved federal funding for upwards of 4,000 National Guard members to help protect the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

Read the full story at Fox News.

CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Residents FLEE SAN FRANCISCO Over Sanctuary City Laws, Rampant Crime

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.09.18

Residents are fleeing the San Francisco area at levels not seen in more than a decade as years of liberal policies take their toll; with locals decrying rampant drug use, Sanctuary City laws, and crippling taxes as the motivating factor to pack up and abandon the City by the Bay.

According to CBS News, more people are emigrating from the Bay Area than are moving in; making the region the “number one place” for out-migration in the nation. The crisis is reaching a fever pitch, with U-Haul business owners refusing to rent vans to those leaving town, fearing they won’t be able to retrieve their vehicles.

“I loved it here when I first got here. I really loved it here. But it’s just not the same,” said one software engineer. “We don’t like it here anymore. You know, we don’t like this sanctuary state status and just the politics.”

“Silicon Valley has been this place that is growing. And it was mostly due to people relocating here and relocating from other parts of the world. That’s changing,” said another executive in the technology industry.

Despite new guidelines distributed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, San Francisco refuses to comply with federal immigration policies; declaring itself a Sanctuary City and defying agencies determined to restrict the flow of illegal immigrants into California.


posted by Hannity Staff - 4.05.18

The State of California has issued at least one million driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, the Department of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday; raising new questions over the Golden State’s role in luring undocumented workers to the region.

According to the Sacramento Bee, California was forced to issue the identification cards following the passage of Assembly Bill 60 in 2013; demanding state officials hand out driver’s licenses to anyone who can prove they “reside” in the state, regardless of immigration status.

The law took effect starting in 2015.

“Immigrants are getting tested, licensed and insured and this is making our roads safer for everyone,” said the author behind the bill. “Today, we see the law working the way it was intended to and has dramatically improved the lives of a million immigrants and their families.”

California isn’t the only state in the union to issue licenses to illegal immigrants. Twelve states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico also issue identification cards to undocumented workers.

The DMV’s announcement comes as President Trump plans to deploy the US military to the southern border of the United States; saying troops will remain in the region until a border wall is “properly” built.

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