LIBERAL RAGE: John Cusack Calls Trump ‘BLOOD WH***’ and ‘NAZI PIMP’ After School Shooting

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.19.18

Hollywood celebrity and liberal activist John Cusack unloaded on President Trump late Sunday evening, calling the Commander-in-Chief a “blood wh***” and saying the GOP was acting like a “death cult” in the wake of Florida’s devastating school shooting last week.

The A-list actor viciously attacked the President and his Republican colleagues on social media; urging Americans to “remove” the “treasonous” Trump from office before he can “do more damage.”

“I hope every one rembers right now – only issues that matter are defeating GOP death cult at ballots – & removing a treasonous – criminaly deranged serial sexual assaulting Nazi pimp nra blood whore from office before he can do more damage – everything else is just noise,” tweeted Cusack.

The actor’s comments come just days after 19-year old Nikolas Cruz launched his deadly attack on a south Florida high school; killing 17 people and injuring scores more.

The focus of the investigation turned to the FBI in recent days, with bureau chief Christopher Wray admitting the agency missed several clues and failed to follow “proper procedure” in the weeks ahead of Cruz’ rampage.

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