LIBERAL CIVIL WAR: Clinton Insiders SLAM ‘Lying’ James Comey

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.17.18

Disgraced former FBI director James Comey found himself in hot-water with longtime Clinton insiders Tuesday; with the former Secretary of State’s spokesperson blasting the bureau boss for “making a public spectacle” before the American people.

Clinton’s former Communications Director Nick Merrill didn’t mince words when commenting on Comey’s recent “tell all” memoir on social media; saying “none of this adds up” and the FBI was now “trying to repair the damage to their reputation.”

“He made a public spectacle of the conclusion of the email investigation, breaking with Department norms, calling into question the integrity of the process. It did nothing to quiet the Trump campaign from accusing the FBI of bias & did everything to make Americans feel uneasy,” he tweeted.

Lanny Davis, another Clinton insider blasted Comey Monday, saying he was intentionally “lying” when he claimed politics played a role in FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

“He’s now lying on all his television interviews … when he says he was obligated to do so because he promised Congress,” he said.

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