North Korea

KIM’S WARNING: North Korea Says US ‘Ruining Mood’ Ahead of Summit

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.07.18

North Korean officials accused the United States of ‘ruining the mood’ Monday ahead of a historic meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un; saying the US was “misleading” the world over the Hermit Kingdom’s weapons program.

According to the Associated Press, authorities in Pyongyang told the state-run news agency that the Trump administration was engaged in a “dangerous attempt” to derail the high-stakes negations just weeks before the leaders are expected to meet.

“The U.S. is deliberately provoking the DPRK at the time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula is moving toward peace and reconciliation,” said a spokesperson for the communist regime.

The comments were widely seen as a negotiating tactic against the Trump administration.

The warning comes after President Trump confirmed to reporters Friday that US and North Korean officials have agreed on a “time and place” to hold the historic summit; the first meeting between an American president and the ruler of North Korea in history.