North Korea

KIM’S DEATH SQUAD: North Korean Dictator PURGING REGIME as US Pressure Mounts

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.30.18

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly unleashed his feared death squads, purging political figures and high-ranking military officials as US sanctions impose crippling pressure on the brutal regime.

According to Fox News, the North Korean despot has ramped up the execution of those he deems a risk to his political dynasty, appearing to finally feel the stress of international and unilateral resolutions that place tremendous strain on his already fragile government.

Multiple officials -including a vice marshal and senior military leader- have not been seen in public since October 13th.

“We’re seeing some increase in executions, mostly against political officers who are in military units, for corruption,” said a senior US commander in South Korea.

“[The executions] are really about trying to clamp down as much as possible on something that might be deteriorating and keeping it from deteriorating too quickly,” he added.

Kim’s brutal crackdown comes just weeks before global tourists and international athletes descend on the Korean peninsula for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.