KELLYANNE TO NANCY: Tax Cuts Generating ‘REAL BREAD’ for American Families

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.23.18

Senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway took a swing at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during the 2018 CPAC convention Friday, informing the former Speaker of the House that the GOP tax cuts were generating “real bread” and “serious dough” for America’s working families.

Conway was speaking to a panel at the annual event when she weighed-in on Pelosi’s frequent use of the word “crumbs” when describing higher wages and big bonuses that followed the Congressional overhaul of the nation’s tax code.

“These are not crumbs,” said Kellyanne. “This is real bread. I think people are seeing that already. This is some real serious dough, not exactly crumbs. They’re seeing it directly and immediately through wage increases and through bonuses.”

“Secondly, they’re seeing it in their paychecks,” she added.

Watch Kellyanne call-out Nancy’s “crumbs” comment below: