IT’S OFFICIAL: DC City Council Votes to Ditch ‘Columbus Day,’ Chooses ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.10.19

The Washington DC City Council voted this week to officially drop ‘Columbus Day’ from their calendar; opting to create ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ as a more inclusive holiday.

“After 5 years, the Council has approved emergency legislation renaming Columbus Day as #IndigenousPeoplesDay,” posted David Grosso, a Council member.


“Columbus Day was officially designated as a federal holiday in 1937 despite the fact that Columbus did not discover North America, despite the fact that millions of people were already living in North America upon his arrival in the Americas, and despite the fact that Columbus never set foot on the shores of the current United States,” said Grosso.

“The emergency legislation redesignates October 14, 2019 to recognize the contributions of Native Americans, as many other jurisdictions, including Maine, New Mexico, Vermont, and North Carolina, have done,” reports Curbed DC.

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