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President Biden

IT'S CALLED 'BIDENOMICS': Joe Roasted for Super Bowl Ad on 'Shrinkflation,' 'Nobody Believes This' [WATCH]

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.12.24

Nobody is buying it, Joe…

While President Biden may have skipped the traditional Super Bowl pregame interview, he did make an appearance during one of the advertisements. Joe dropped in to talk to Americans about “shrinkflation.”

In the video, Biden said, “It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and if you’re anything like me, you like to be surrounded by a snack or two while watching the big game. You know, when buying snacks for the game, you might have noticed one thing: sports drinks bottles are smaller, [a] bag of chips has fewer chips, but they’re still charging just as much.”

He continued, “As an ice cream lover, what makes me the most angry is that ice cream cartons have actually shrunk in size but not in price. I’ve had enough of what they call Shrinkflation. It’s a rip off. Some companies are trying to pull a fast one by shrinking the products little by little and hoping you won’t notice. Give me a break. The American public is tired of being played for suckers. I’m calling on companies to put a stop to this. Let’s make sure businesses do the right thing now.”

Watch the ad below:

Biden was blasted on social media channels for his tone-deaf commercial. Many hit Joe for not owning the fact that the problem was due to his economic policies.

“Imagine how little respect you must have for voters to try this,” National Review senior writer Charles C.W. Cooke remarked.

Outkick columnist Mary Katherine Ham commented, “I did not predict leaning into the aging issue with an Andy-Rooney-on-quaaludes rant about how chip bags used to be fuller.”

“Nobody believes this,” The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller declared.

Conservative commentator John Hasson noted, “Each recorded video of him reading a script, with numerous cuts spliced together, looks worse than the last.”

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