IT BEGINS: San Francisco to Allow ‘Non-Citizens’ to Vote in Local Elections

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.23.18

San Francisco will soon become the largest city in the country to give “non-citizens” the right to vote in local elections; setting the stage for a potential legal showdown with the Trump administration in the coming months.

According to Yahoo News, undocumented residents will soon be permitted to vote in city school board races in order to have a “better say” in their children’s education throughout the Bay Area.

To date, only 35 “non-citizens” have registered to vote in San Francisco.

“We’re in an unprecedented arena of animosity toward our immigrant community, and that has really stopped people from voting,” said San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Fewer.

“People are really fearful because the Trump administration is perceived to be very anti-immigrant,” added one activist. “There is legitimate concern that their information may be turned over to the federal government and that they may end up being detained or deported.”

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