Israeli Conflict Proves Jewish and Iranian Group Joining Forces to Stop Biden from Entering a Nuclear Iran Deal Have it Right

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.21.21

The rocket attacks on Israel led by Iranian-funded terror group Hamas are an indication of what Iran will do with nuclear capabilities. Two American groups, one Iranian and one Jewish, are the shining example of what must be done to protect any hope of peace in the Middle East.

Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) have joined together to bring forth a critical message to the world: Peace in the Middle East is blossoming. America should not stop the peace by empowering the enemy of peace. No nuclear deal. No nuclear holocaust.

The two groups came together to begin the campaign titled “No Nuclear Holocaust” in March, months before the most recent rocket strikes on Israel from the Hamas controlled territory of Gaza. This goes to show just how correct, and vital, the No Nuclear Holocaust mission is. A petition to “Tell Washington, D.C., ‘Yes to Peace, No Iran nuclear deal” has been created at

Media and leaders across the globe have chimed in with opinions, accusations and “taking sides” in the Israeli/Hamas conflict. But the luxury of having one’s own beliefs and freedom to express them as such will be eradicated if Iran gets nuclear capabilities. In essence, what is being done to Israel this week will occur on a global scale; no one will be safe.

Another point; why is the United States even contemplating entering, or reentering, into an agreement such as the Iran Nuclear Deal without the will of the Iranian people? Cowering to Iran’s dictatorial leadership directly impacts the Iranian people. Since when did we care more about bullying Supreme Leaders than we do about the sanctity of life?

The Iranian Americans for Liberty’s bio on its official Twitter page, @LibertyIranian, states “Bipartisan Iranian Americans working to strengthen & support US foreign policy & natsec solutions that bring democracy, human rights & freedom of speech to Iran.” Here you have an Iranian/American group specifically advocating against a nuclear Iran deal, and the Biden administration is not listening.

The ZOA/IAL No Nuclear Holocaust campaign created a video highlighting Iranian people desperate for peace; their identities hidden for protection. Translated English subtitles read “A regime against humanity and war-mongering – must go!” says one Iranian citizen. “We want peace, but the Islamic Republic is against peace” another citizen says.

Additional quotes from the Iranian citizens read: “They are ready to utilize nuclear weapons to stop peace.”

“Oppressive, destructive and war-mongering regime.”

“We are in pursuit of peace.”

“And we support the peace deals between Israel and the Arab Nations.”

“I hope that one day the entire Middle East can live in peace alongside one another.”

The video features spokeswoman Lisa Daftari, a Jewish Iranian, explaining:

“The Iran Nuclear deal was a disaster. It gave Iran the money, resources and time to advance its nuclear program. It scared the people of the Middle East so much, they put aside generations of disagreements to come together to oppose Iran. When the Iran nuclear deal was scrapped, Iran’s nuclear deal got derailed and Peace broke out in the Middle East.”

Now that Biden has campaigned on bringing back the nuclear deal, it’s time to listen to the indigenous people of the Middle East who declare “No. No Nuclear deal for Iran.” If Iran can get one nuclear bomb, the first thing that will be done is obliterating the state of Israel. The Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei has publicly expressed this; it’s no secret.

The result will be a “nuclear holocaust” and drag the world into another World War. “All it takes for that peace to continue to blossom” says Daftari, “is for America to do nothing. Take no action. Do no harm. Do not bring back the failed Iran nuclear deal against the wishes of the indigenous people of the Middle East.”

Sign The Petition Here:

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