IRAN ON EDGE: Iran’s Hardline Regime on the Brink of COLLAPSE

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.05.18

Despite desperate attempts to crackdown on the deadly protests sweeping across Iran in recent days, the Iranian regime is slowly losing its grip on power; with regional experts predicting the hardline government’s days may be numbered.

Tehran quickly clamped-down as student-led protests shocked the Mullahs and other top government officials; the largest demonstrations against the Islamic Republic since 2009’s “Green Movement” or “Twitter Revolution.”

“At some point the Islamic Republic’s luck presumably runs out.”

Military analysts believe the Ayatollah is struggling to maintain his stranglehold on the nation, saying, “At some point the Islamic Republic’s luck presumably runs out.”

“[The demonstrations have] morphed into basically a youth protest against the system writ large, and it all goes back to the clerics’ monopoly on power,” said Kenneth Katzman, a senior analyst of Iranian affairs for the US Congressional Research Service.

The protests began as a reaction against the brutal regime’s mismanagement of government funds, scarce job opportunities, and low wages, but has transformed into a nationwide protest demanding women’s rights and more liberal freedoms.

So far, at least 21 people have been killed and nearly 500 have been arrested.

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