HELL FREEZES OVER: Pelosi BUCKS DNC, Endorses Pro-Life Democrat

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.01.18

Nancy Pelosi publicly bucked the Democratic Party this week, shrugging off fierce liberal criticism and openly endorsing a pro-life candidate running for re-election in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District.

The House Minority Leader rebuked fellow liberal legislators and DNC officials during her weekly press conference Thursday, saying “Yes, I do” when pressed on whether she supports Rep. Dan Lipinski in his re-election bid.

Lipinski has become a “purity test” for left-leaning lawmakers; sparking controversy over his pro-life stance and opposition to some policies in the gay rights movement. Because of those issues, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has refused to publicly endorse Lipinski.

Pelosi’s decision is a sharp rebuke to DNC boss Tom Perez, who announced last year that “every Democrat” should support a woman’s right “to make her own choices about her body and health.”

Lipinski is seen as a lightning rod for Congressional Democrats, going so far as to buck his party’s leadership and cast his vote against the Affordable Care Act during former President Obama’s first term.

h/t Town Hall