HELL FREEZES OVER: Clinton Insider Says Trump ‘WAS RIGHT’ to Fire ‘Narcissist’ James Comey

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.05.18

The former special counsel to President Bill Clinton surprisingly sided with President Trump Monday morning, saying he “agrees” with Trump’s decision to fire James Comey because he’s a “narcissist” who personally chooses which set of “rules to follow and which rules not.”

Longtime Clinton confidant Lanny Davis was speaking with Fox News when he was asked to comment on Trump’s decision to remove former FBI Director James Comey; saying he agrees with the President’s decision but not for the same reason.

“I do agree with Donald Trump on one thing and that is James Comey should have been fired … because he thinks he gets to choose which rules to follow and which rules not,” said Davis.

“Why? Because he’s a narcissist who gets to decide who’s right and who’s wrong rather than following the rules.

Watch the Clinton insider side with the President above.

h/t Washington Examiner