HANNITY: Evidence of BIAS and CORRUPTION on Mueller's Team Keeps Piling Up

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.12.18

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Thursday night, Sean slammed the destroy-Trump media for completely ignoring the mounting evidence of corruption and bias inside the special counsel’s office; saying everyone in the mainstream media “will be proven wrong” in the coming days.

“The evidence of corruption and bias inside special counsel Mueller’s team, it just keeps piling up,” said Hannity. “The Clinton bought-and-paid for phony fake-news Russia propaganda dossier, we have confirmed has been used by the Obama administration to literally surveil members of the Trump campaign team and, of course, President-elect Donald Trump.”

“A source is telling me this is going to be proven right… Everyone else in the destroy-Trump media will be proven wrong on so many levels,” he added.

“In addition to the phony dossier, Sara Carter is reporting –and we have confirmed this- that information about systemic FISA abuse will also be exposed soon, maybe as early as next week,” said Sean.

“The real collusion involves Hillary Clinton and the DNC spending millions of dollars trying to influence an election by funding the Russian-sourced dossier that the Obama administration then used to spy on an opposition party during an election year,” he added.

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.