HANDLER UNHINGED: Chelsea Says Netanyahu Turning Gaza into ‘STARVATION CAMPS’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.15.18

Part-time comedian and full-time Trump-hater Chelsea Handler slammed the Israeli government Tuesday; accusing Prime Minister Netanyahu of turning Gaza into “starvation camps” or “mental asylums” after days of Hamas-backed protests.

Handler unloaded on the Israeli leader on social media, saying the “Bibi Crazies” are running the show and are planning future attacks on Iran.

“Now the bibi craizies [sic] are running the show, unchecked and will effectively turn gaza and the left bank into starvation camps or mental asylums, if not already and bomb iran into submission… there will be a religious term for this. i think the evangelicals call it the rapture,” she tweeted.

The liberal comic is no stranger to controversy when it comes to attacking the President or his allies; going so far as to call for an actual ‘military coup’ to remove Donald Trump from the White House.